January 2, 2018

Money I Spent:  $15 ($11 lunch + $4 airport parking)

Money Victory:  We had to pick Sabrina up at the airport but were in 2 cars, so left one car at a nearby parking lot so we’d only have to pay the $4 fee at the airport for one car. Saved $4. 🙂

Use It Up Challenge:  Lots of leftover / freezer food today!

Thoughts: Today I had to meet someone for lunch, because we had been planning to have lunch since November. I picked a nice place where I figured I could have really good food and get out for $10 or less. I checked the menu ahead of time, ordered the small size soup (which is still big), ordered water to drink, and after tax and tip my share came out to $11.00. Not totally fiscally sound, but normally I’d order the medium soup or one of the $12 entrees, a spring roll appetizer, and a diet coke, so I probably saved $8 from my normal order. 🙂 Funnily enough, at the end of the lunch, she reached for her purse and said, “I have to pay cash because I’m on the envelope system… trying to be frugal with my money.”



  1. Money I spent: $25.25 for Tessa’s gym membership. I pay because she holds me accountable. 🙂

    Money Victory: I found a DVD from the library that I’ve been searching for. Normally, I would just try and buy it even though I would only want to watch it once.

    Use it Up: Tessa and I are still meal prepping.

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  2. Money I Spent: $0

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Same as Beth, saved $4 on airport parking. Beth offering to pick up the parking is why I had a $0 day!

    Use It Up Challenge: I ate the last of the turkey and turkey lentil soup for lunch.

    Thoughts: I’m also cutting back on sugar, wheat products, any refined carbohydrates, and single-malt Scotch.

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  3. Money I Spent:$9.73

    Money Victory only fresh produce at Smith’s

    Use It Up Challenge: still working on Christmas leftovers, corn chowder, posole, a Hickory Farms box, etc. etc.

    Thoughts: Actually we spent $0 on the first and this was spent on the 2nd. Just a little salad stuff to go with all the leftovers we have. We have lots of stuff in the freezer so should have to buy very few groceries this month. We did pick up 2 cans of tomato soup in case I needed it as had root canal finished up this morning, but it seems good so may not have to live on soup.

    Good luck to everyone on the fiscal fast and Happy New Year to all!

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