May 9 and 10, 2023

I’ll try to remember 2 days worth… but not sure if I can.

Money I spent on 5/9: Literally don’t remember.

Money I spent on 5/10: About $20 on supplies for kiddo’s end-of-school English project. About $20 at Sprouts for salad greens and stevia (the stevia is expensive, maybe $12/bottle but it lasts months).

Use-it-Up: on 5/9 we finished off the ribs and had clearance potatoes a second time.

Use-it-Up: on 5/10 we had clearance potatoes for a third time along with the 20¢ hamburger patties I got last week on clearance, and along with a package of prepared and seasoned onions and mushrooms that I got at sprouts yesterday for $1. So everything we had at dinner was clearance and we still have 1/2 a potato left.

Ebay: Sold a purse for $15 plus shipping.

Books: Did some writing on WW#6, it’s coming along nicely.

Health/Fitness: I just scheduled a week’s worth of Peloton workouts so I wouldn’t forget to do something every day. Most days I have at least 2 classes scheduled now. And I’m going to go buy some wired headphones ($17) so on days I go to work I can go for a walk or two. Bluetooth/wireless headphones aren’t allowed there.

Thoughts: Trying to remember 2 days ago is impossible! oh well

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