May 12, 2023 Check-in

Money I Spent: About $80 of this week’s $150 budget, so I still have around $70 to last the next 2 days. This even included 2 t-bone steaks ($16), a bottle of Nexium ($12), 2 12-packs of sodas ($5 ea), and something else that was $11 that I can’t remember right now. So several “high dollar” items.

Money I Avoided Spending: My usual Smiths didn’t have much in the way of clearance stuff today and we didn’t have much on our grocery list, so I went to Walmart for the necessities and didn’t feel compelled to spend the rest of the budget on splurges.

Use-it-Up: I think we’ve used up all of our leftovers from this week’s meals. The only thing from last weekend (or 2 weeks ago?) clearance vegetable haul that won’t meet it’s destiny is the turnips as they are already sprouting. If we had ANY garden space ready, I would plant them. But all we have is gravel. hmph. So anyway we got Wingstop for dinner last night which is medium price for very good wings and it’s right by our house, a 1-minute drive! Convenient.

Ebay: Sold a cross-stitch kit for $13 + Shipping and a set of 4 body washes for $38.

Books: I’ve been slacking on writing so Saturday will be a write-a-thon alternating with a clean-the-house-a-thon.

Health/Fitness: I did a 30-minute Peloton walk outside yesterday. I intended to do a ride in the afternoon but had a stomach ache so laid down and took a nap instead.

Thoughts: May is going TOO FAST. But I am glad school is almost over!

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