May 8, 2023 check-in

Money I spent: $0 — went to Kohl’s for one item and had enough Kohl’s cash to get it for free!

Money I avoided spending — didn’t add 10 more things to my Kohl’s shopping trip! lol

Use-it-Up Challenge: Hm.. had some ribs in the freezer that I got on sale a few weeks or months ago for $10 so Ed cooked those up. I cooked the $1 clearance bag of like 8 squash/zucchini in 3 different ways. Chips (just squash no breading) – not great. Oven chips (same thing just in the oven) – not great. And pan-browned then oven-finished zucchini boats with parmesan – good when hot, gross when no longer hot. LOL I just don’t really like squash unless it’s breaded and deep fried and dipped in ranch. Oh well. $1 well spent for that little experiment! Oh and we also had a $1 bag of clearance russets that went on the smoker with the ribs. Delicious! And everything was enough for another full meal.

Ebay: Sold a little plate for $6.50 and sold the shift knob from kiddo’s car for $39. Didn’t get anything new listed so need to get back on that!

Health/Fitness: Went to physical therapy and worked my knee pretty hard, so that’s all I did today.

Thoughts: Thoughts are the first 8 days of this Fiscal Fast have gone really well. I haven’t felt very compelled to just “shop” and we are doing really well on our grocery and dining out budgets. This is how it should always be, I think.

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