January 12, 2021

Money I Spent: $0 — out of 12 days so far in January, 9 of them have been Zero Dollar Days!

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a, didn’t do anything shopping related today

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – sold some forks for $16, a figurine for $6.50, a Noritake Blue Adobe dinner plate for $15, and a silver-plate pitcher for $16. Decent day!

Use-it-Up Challenge: n/a

Thoughts: I’m going to need to do a grocery run soon and it will have to include some meat! We are about out of meats and vegetables here. I only spent $40 last week, so I could budget $60 for this week. Maybe I can find some good deals and just get a couple of things to get us through the week. We have a lot of pantry-based foods, but not much in the fridge or freezer right now. Let’s see what we can pull together over the next several days!

OK so I just went out and actually looked in the freezer. We have a package of “skinny steaks” like for skillet-cooking, 2 big packages of those giant freakshow chicken breasts, 3 very small pork roasts, 1 whole turkey, some hot dogs, some packages of bacon, a horseshoe-shaped summer sausage type thing, some leftover Christmas ham, and some leftover cooked pulled pork. So we actually have enough to last a while. I pulled the skinny steaks out for tonight’s dinner. Tomorrow I’ll thaw one of the packs of chicken breast and divide into 2 meals. We have a tendency to cook a whole package of those in one crockpot recipe, then get sick of eating it before it’s all gone. So maybe if we have 2 meals out of it (e.g., chicken tenders and bbq grilled chicken), we won’t get tired of it.

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