January 11, 2021

Money I Spent: $0! I have had a ton of $0 days this month!

Money I Avoided Spending: I had planned to go to Walmart to get some diet sodas after work, but then just didn’t feel like going.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: $0 n/a

Use-it-Up Challenge: We have about worked our way through our fridge and freezer. Used up some hamburger meat for hamburgers last night. Not much left to pick from. Hopefully what we have can last us a week or so longer, until I can get to a store for some groceries.

Thoughts: Building up my eBay drafts slowly but surely! I need to draft about 20 more listings, then have a day where I just take photos of clothes all day. After that I’ll be able to dump about 50 new listings on eBay over a few days this week. Then I can move on to some not-clothes items for a while. Then back to clothes. Then shoes. I have a lot of unlisted inventory, just sitting here not making me any money! Time to get busy.

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