January 13, 2021

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – sold a jacket for $8 and a little wallet for $8. Listed 14 shirts! Have about 25 other drafts ready to post.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Cooked up the steaks from the freezer. They were very skinny ribeye steaks, cooked in a skillet with butter. Had canned green beans and canned corn alongside, for a very easy tasty meal!

Thoughts: Have been playing around a little bit with penny stocks in my Robinhood account. It’s pretty fun, actually. Last week, I bought 600 shares of ZOM (Zomedica, a small company in the veterinary sector) for $0.43 per share. The stock went up pretty good on Tuesday, and I sold 200 shares at $1.31 per share, for $262. I still have 400 shares, and will hang onto it for a few months. I also set a “limit buy” to purchase 200 shares if it goes down to $0.70/share to “buy the dip.” It is expected to go up significantly in March due to a new product coming out. We’ll see! I own shares in about 20 different companies, including one share of Tesla and one share of Microsoft. I also own a partial share in a crypto currency called Ethereum. 5 of the stocks I own are penny stocks (under $5 per share). Those are fun to play with because you can get hundreds of them at a time!

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