Money I spent: $0! Might be my last zero dollar day for January. Didn’t need anything, didn’t stop anywhere.

Money I avoided spending: I have an Amazon cart full of stuff waiting for February. When Feb comes, I’ll go through it all again and make sure I really need it. I have a few big ticket items in there.

Extra money I found or made: eBay: sold a puzzle for $24. I haven’t been listing on eBay since Monday and my sales have slowed. Hopefully I can get some items listed this weekend in between volleyball tournaments.

Use-it-Up Challenge: I just keep eating leftovers out of the fridge to use them up! Plus we had a fend for yourself dinner last night and just ate whatever out of the fridge (cheese and pepperoni and pork rinds for me). I also have this shampoo and conditioner that I bought before Christmas that is Tea Tree scent and tingly. I like it a lot but it makes my hair very static-y. Instead of buying something new, I’ve been trying a combination of that stuff along with a little of another conditioner at the end, or leaving in a little conditioner, or using one of our “hair treatments” that we have lying around, to combat the static. But I will use up the rest of the Tea Tree stuff, regardless!

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