Money I spent: $0! This is my 15th zero dollar day of January! I think that’s pretty good.

Money I avoided spending: I wanted to get some milk because we are out, but Ed offered to stop for it so I said yes. šŸ™‚ So I got the $0 day and he had to take a $2 or so day.

Extra money I found or made: eBay: sold some old Apple computer decals for $22. Also, Ed and I went to the library on our way home from work and got new library cards! We have found that we can download ebooks and audiobooks from the library for free, so will soon be able to cancel our Audible subscription (mine is about $15/month). I am planning to get a new Kindle to read ebooks on, but even if I get the fanciest Kindle Fire at $150, the canceled Audible membership will pay for it this year. My eyes are getting to where I need reading glasses and I have one good pair that I can see with for a little bit, but still with my always-dry contacts and reading glasses, reading from a paper book is uncomfortable. So I’d like to switch to an e-reader where I can zoom in and change the color contrast, etc. for ease of reading.

Use-it-Up Challenge: I keep on using up leftovers for my lunches. I had leftover ribeye for breakfast. We had some Costco meatballs out of the freezer and some broccoli out of the freezer for dinner.

Thoughts: Saving money is like being on a diet. When it is working, you don’t want to quit doing it! I have lost over 8 pounds in 1 month on my Keto diet, and it’s so easy I’m going to keep doing it. I have saved a crap-ton of money this month just not buying any “things” and it’s so easy I’m going to keep doing it too. I will take Feb 1-2 to do some birthday shopping for Sabrina and probably order my Kindle, but then stop again. I may allow myself a bit of birthday cake if we do that for Sabrina, then back on my keto diet again. Seems silly to stop doing things that are showing you good results just because the calendar flips to a new month! I wonder how many zero dollar days I can have this year?

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