Money I spent: $72 for garden vegetable seeds online at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I wanted to wait until February to order these, but more than that I need them to get here before the weekend of Feb 8-9, because that is when I want to plant my pepper and tomato seeds inside. So I had to make a FF call and just go ahead and order them.

Money I avoided spending: There were a few varieties of seeds that I put in my cart, but then when I checked my stash of owned seeds, I already had them. So I didn’t buy more. Glad I checked, probably saved about $10.

Extra money I found or made: n/a

Use-it-Up Challenge: We are about out of leftovers, which I think is a good thing!

Thoughts: Nearing the end of Fiscal Fast January 2020! This is one of my best Fiscal Fast months ever. We did pretty good on our grocery bill, even while doing Keto, kept dining out pretty minimal, and didn’t do any just “shopping,” other than the garden seeds on 1/30. I’ll probably figure out my monthly $ numbers on Monday 2/3.

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