Report: 1/7/19

Money I Spent:  $31.82 at Chipotle; $128.3 for Sabrina’a yoga classes (set of 10). I was going to wait and do this for her birthday, but she’s really into it right now, so I figured I should just do it now (saves a couple of bucks per class to get it in a block of 10).

Money I Avoided Spending: Accidentally ordered a backpack on Amazon. Had meant to put it in my cart, so I could go back later and compare it with another one I was looking at. But I guess I clicked “Buy with 1-Click” instead. Didn’t realize it for a couple of hours, but once I realized it, I contacted the seller and asked them to cancel my order, which they did. I will likely buy the same backpack in Feb or March, but I want to at least do it on purpose, after looking at a few! 

Extra Money I Found or Made:  eBay: two small items sold on auction for cheap (trying to get rid of old inventory), so total on each was $8.50 or so. 

Use It Up Challenge:  Leftovers for lunch; that’s about it.

Thoughts:  COFFEE SAVINGS: We used to brew K-cups, at approx $0.50/pod (cheapest was around $0.46 if I recall correctly). Now we just make regular coffee in a regular cheapo Mr. Coffee coffeepot, using Costco ground coffee for the most part, for a cost of $0.03 per 6 oz cup. Considering the household consumes a good 6 cups of coffee per day or more, the savings for the year will be in the hundreds of dollars!

Money I Spent: 

Money I Avoided Spending: 

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:



  1. Money I Spent: 22.43 for gas. 8.46 at Sprouts. 97.83 at Costco but we did keep it under $100!!!

    Money I Avoided Spending: There are a couple of things I would like to pick up but so far I have resisted.

    Extra Money I Found or Made:

    Use It Up Challenge: keep working on this a little each day.

    Thoughts : I am trying to catch up here so may get a few things on the wrong day, but I least I am entering them!


  2. Money I Spent: $27 to gas up the car.

    Money I Avoided Spending: Wanted to buy some more Quest Bars for my gym bag, but decided I can stretch out the ones I have for a few more days.

    Extra Money I Found or Made: Robin Hood stocks were up again today!

    Use It Up Challenge: Leftover leftovers for lunch. I ate Beth’s salmon lunch that she didn’t eat on Friday. Sounds bad, but it was very good.

    Thoughts:Still looking for that next $0 day…


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