Report: 1/8/19

Money I Spent: About $20 at CVS for a few medical needs.

Money I Avoided Spending:  Need to gas up the car but forgot (not really avoided). Will have to do it tomorrow.

Extra Money I Found or Made: Sold on eBay: doll head $15; old WWII manual $15; old needlepoint $15.

Use It Up Challenge: used up leftover Chipotle + leftover roast beef + leftover egg cups for my lunch — wonderful!


Money I Spent: 

Money I Avoided Spending: 

Extra Money I Found or Made:

Use It Up Challenge:



  1. Money I Spent: I am not sure if this is the right day, but we spent 11.10 for dinner at Cheesecake Factory using the gift card we got for Christmas a year ago. Thanks Beth Anne!

    Money I Avoided Spending: still not picking up the rugs I want…

    Extra Money I Found or Made: n/a

    Use It Up Challenge: still working on it!

    Thoughts: I love to make veg soup, I usually use canned peas, corn, etc. I am thinking when I use up the ones I have I will try frozen veggies and see what the difference is.


  2. Money I Spent: $9 at Sprouts.

    Money I Avoided Spending: Nothing significant today.

    Extra Money I Found or Made: I’m up about $20 on those Robin Hood stocks.

    Use It Up Challenge: Leftover pot roast for dinner tonight!

    Thoughts: Tomorrow could be a $0 day!


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