July 26, 2018 – Fiscal Fast & Sugar Detox

Money I Spent: $19.99 for hair color ordered online, which I will use sometime in August. Had been meaning to order this for a few weeks but just got around to it.

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:  Didn’t spend any other money because I left my wallet at home today! oops. Otherwise I may have gone to Sprouts to get something for lunch. Instead, I ate what I found in my desk at work: 2 oz beef jerky + about 1/4 cup walnuts.  EBAY: made $18 on a backpack that I bought for $1 at Thrift Town. 🙂

Use It Up Challenge:  Using up some green beans and peas we’ve had for a while for our dinner. Used up a yogurt for breakfast this morning. Used up some desk snacks for lunch. Gathering up hotel shampoos and conditioners to use when we run out of the regular stuff.

Sugar I Ate:   No real sugar consumed. Did not want anything like that today. Had Stevia in my coffee this morning, 1 packet per cup. Sweet treat this afternoon was some pineapple in juice.

Sugar I Avoided:  Didn’t really avoid anything sugary today.

Thoughts:  Wish I had  bought my hair color before vacation so I could start with a clean slate today. But otherwise today went really well.



Money I Spent: 

Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made:

Use It Up Challenge:

Sugar I Ate: 

Sugar I Avoided: 


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  1. Money I Spent: $24.41 on groceries at Sprouts. Cupboards and refrigerator shelves are bare after the pre-vacation purge.

    Money I Didn’t Spend or Extra Money I Made: Since there was little food in the house, it would have been easy to justify stopping by Starbucks (or Golden Pride) on the way into work, but I found enough stuff to make a very healthy fruit and protein smoothie, and took a bulletproof coffee to sip on throughout the morning, which kept me satiated through CrossFit. I also made do with a post-workout Quest Bar (which I had in my bag.) So zero unnecessary dollars spent.

    Use It Up Challenge: I ate the last of my Enlightened ice cream.

    Sugar I Ate: See above. I also need to read the ingredients on Quest Bars.

    Sugar I Avoided: While buying groceries, I thought about buying a carby side dish. I saw some mashed sweet potatoes, but read the ingredients. The first ingredient (following “sweet potatoes” was “brown sugar,” so I made a hard pass on the carby side dish altogether.

    Thoughts: I’ve gotten way too sugary in my diet and way to spendy in my fiscal life. I need this month, or next several months, to reset my brain on sugar and to try and rebuild my now severely depleted savings account.


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