All of August will be both a FISCAL FAST and a SUGAR DETOX. I am also aiming for a “no complaining” month, but considering those first two things, this will be the biggest challenge. šŸ˜€

July 26 – 31 will be the warm-up period, though won’t be a full fiscal fast because I have to take Sabrina school shopping July 28-29.

$ Goals for August:

  • $50/week on groceries.
  • No shopping “for fun.” Anything that’s not an absolute necessity will go on the September list, to be reevaluated for purchase Sept 1.
  • Eating out will be kept to a minimum, and as cheap as possible.
  • Get rid of DirectTV!
  • Gather up change/coins etc. around the house and put into canisters.

Food Goals for August:

  • No candy, desserts, sodas, etc. (Obvious sugar).
  • No added sugars (as much as practical) like in bbq sauce, ketchup, etc.
  • No sweeteners (honey, syrup, agave, etc.) even if natural.
  • Minimal artificial sweeteners. No fake stuff like Enlightened ice cream etc.
  • Naturally occurring sugar in fruit is OK, just don’t overdo it.

Known obstacles in August:

  • Specialty school supplies that we won’t know about until school starts.
  • Ed traveling to Florida Aug 10-12.
  • “Girls Weekend” while Ed is in Florida Aug 11-12; we are planning to get mani/pedis and get Sabrina a haircut. We will minimize cost by going to Supercuts and a “nail shop” instead of a salon/spa.
  • I need to order new glasses which will probably happen in August. Insurance covers some but remainder will be out of pocket. Will minimize cost by checking Costco, and not getting $400 designer frames. šŸ™‚

Will add more as it occurs to me.


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