January 30, 2018

Money I Spent:  $19 for groceries. I NEEDED some fruit – got grapes and pears. Also needed some salady stuff for lunches, and some Eggos for Sabrina’s breakfasts. Edited to add, also got gas at Smiths — fill up for $24.00.

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):  Kind of wanted to buy all the fruit in the store and some juice and some gatorade and some dr pepper and some other stuff. 😀 I think what I’m really missing is variety. Also we briefly considered going out for dinner but then decided against it — had bacon and eggs for dinner instead! Delicious and saved probably $50 by not going out.

Use It Up Challenge:  Cupboard is looking pretty bare! Also pulled an old half-used conditioner out of the closet to use up. And it smells amazing!

Thoughts:  Our grocery list for this weekend is LOOONG and it will be well over $50.


  1. Money I Spent: $0!

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Had a close call last night; BA and I almost decided to go out for dinner. We didn’t have a lot of options. The pork roast from Monday was gone (all but 3 oz. anyway…see below…), everything else in the freezer was too big (roasts, whole chicken, turkey breast, etc.) to thaw out and cook immediately. Tilapia fillets were an option, but neither of us wanted fish. So, at the last minute we canned the idea of going out and decided to have bacon and eggs instead. It was perfect. Real winner was Sabrina, with her cheese, bacon and leftover roast pork quesadilla! I wish I could eat like a 12 year old…

    Use It Up Challenge: Agree with BA, the cupboard is getting pretty bare. Also, I’m enjoying grinding up all that whole-bean coffee I got for Christmas this year!

    Thoughts: Ready to finish out the month strong with another $0 day tomorrow!


  2. Money I Spent: Will probably have subway sandwiches for supper. When Dad takes Sabrina in to Tijeras he will pick them up. We had those yesterday and they were good. Not much sounds good to me these days.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):

    Use It Up Challenge:

    Thoughts: Had been sick for several days so decided to go to Dr. yesterday. That was a bummer, she would not give me any medicine but I finally talked her into giving me a cough syrup (I thought). So we went by Walgreens at Edgewood and of course they did not have what she had ordered so they had to call her. We came on home and several hours later they called and Dad went back to get the cough medicine. It turned out that what she prescribed our insurance did not cover so it was 58.00. Dad thought about not getting it then decided to go ahead and pay for it since I was sick ( I would not have paid for it). And it was not a cough syrup but some little pills with terrible side effects, so I was afraid to take them. And I will have to pay for the Dr. visit as it will go to my deductible for this year. Total bummer of Dr. visit!! I might be feeling a little better today, no thanks to Dr.
    should have just had a shot of whiskey!!

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