January 29, 2018

Money I Spent:  $5 at Dollar Tree for newspapers and a couple of other little things.

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): These papers are supposed to have the good coupons in them — we’ll see. Avoided spending $2 each on them on Sunday, when at Dollar Tree they are always $1, and they tend to have Sunday papers for a few days after Sunday.

Use It Up Challenge:  For lunch: leftover pork roast, leftover rice, leftover beans, some cheese and salsa. For dinner: leftover pork roast, an egg, last box of Stove Top, last can of corn.

Thoughts:  ehhh ?


  1. Money I Spent: $23.58. $10.45 at the commissary on Quest Bars. I need those little post-CrossFit treats. Oh, and when your sugar intake is less than 15g a day, they taste AMAZING! Also spent $13.13 at Smith’s. Needed some salad greens, shredded cheese, butter…odds and ends I forgot to put on last week’s shopping list.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Everything I bought at Smith’s was on sale! Everything!

    Use It Up Challenge: Had another pork roast from the freezer that was purchased last fall.

    Thoughts: I’m looking forward to adding up my first-of-the-month net worth balances next week!


  2. Money I Spent: Probably $0 as I am still too sick to think about going anywhere except the Dr.

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending):All temptations were avoided as I am just sitting in my chair with hot tea and blankets binge watching some of my favorite shows

    Use It Up Challenge: tomato soup and toast is all that sounds even a little good. Bought 48 cans of tomato soup at Smith’s for .60 a can the first of the month. So it is really coming in handy! It is usually between i.29 and 1.49.

    Thoughts: Congrats on great EBay weekend.


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