January 12, 2018

Money I Spent: $17.72 for lunch for me and my BFF at Sweet Tomatoes 🙂

Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): Went to Walmart to exchange some floor mats that were the wrong color. Walked right past all the clearance items, didn’t even stop and look.

Use It Up Challenge: Just pulled a ham and a whole chicken out of the freezer. Going to cook both this weekend so we have lots of options for lunch and dinner next week.

Thoughts:  We’ve decided to suspend our house cleaning service for the next several months and do the work ourselves. This will save almost $200/month. Our first big cleaning day will be tomorrow!


  1. Money I Spent: $22 (rounded). I spent $12 at GNC, $7 at the post office (mailing a package to my daughter) and $3 table tip at Sweet Tomatoes (my BFF bought lunch).

    Money Victory ($ I avoided spending): I’m going to make a long story short by just saying I successfully argued a lower price on my Quest Bars at GNC. Some were marked $2.49, some were $2.37, they all rang up at the higher price, but I got the clerk to honor the lower price.

    Use It Up Challenge: Had some tilapia for dinner that had been in the freezer for a while. They were great!



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