May 24-25-26, 2021

Money I spent: Well it’s way too hard to remember 3 days worth of spending! I need to quit falling behind. I think May 25 was a $0 day, and I think May 26 I paid about $14 for lunch at Chick-fil-A and put gas in my car ($31).

Money I avoided spending: n/A

Extra money I found or earned: eBay – 2 patches for $14, a pair of shoes for $16, and an Eddie Bauer shirt for $11.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Finally used the last of the hand soap, so could open my Honeysuckle scented soap! Big day 😀

Side Hustle: eBay – On May 26 I picked up a bunch of items I won in an online estate auction. This was the first time I’ve ever done an online estate auction, and it was fun! I grabbed a ton of interesting inventory that I would not have looked at if the sale were in person. Fragile items, figurines, glassware, crystal, etc. I also completed another estate auction on May 26, where I bid on and won 19 items/lots. 5 of those items are Ethan Allen furniture (nightstand sized), and there are also 2 midcentury cane-backed barrel chairs. So I’ll need to find those a home! Maybe I need another shed. lol. I am going to pursue the option to ship furniture, which might be a pain but I think it will be worth it. We’ll go pick up that inventory Friday evening, and probably have dinner in town afterward. I have also spent some time this week working on my organization and inventory system for my listed inventory. I have a long way to go on this one, but I’ll keep making a little progress every day.

Health/Fitness: On May 26, I didn’t have time for any kind of workout. On May 25, I did a running sprint workout for 20 minutes in the morning, then a 45-minute spin class in the evening. It was a free introductory class, and I’m not sure if I’ll go back or not. It was good, but not sure it would be worth the expense.

Thoughts: We’ve been very busy lately trying to ramp up our side hustles! Also my promotion was officially announced at work, so that felt good. Our work is wanting us to come in more often once we get fully vaccinated, so I’ll be moving to a 3-day onsite workweek now, even though all 3 of my days will typically be about 4-5 hours onsite, not 8-9. So it’s still fine.

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