May 22-23, 2021

Money I spent: May 22: About $250 on groceries and wine. May 23: About $50 on Amazon on electrolytes.

Money I avoided spending: n/a although even though the groceries trips were expensive, they were just produce, healthy food, and some adult beverages. No toiletries, no household items, no fun stuff.

Extra money I found or earned: eBay – sold a pair of boots for $40, 2 magazines for $15, a jacket for $16, a Star Wars tiki cup for $23, a Starbucks coffee mug for $11, and an old Tiki Hawaiian coffee mug for $15.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Have a new bottle of hand soap ready for the kitchen sink area, but have been watering down the old one to get the last bits out. I really want to toss the old one, because the new one is Honeysuckle scented and it smells really good! I think we’ll finally get through the old one in the next day or two.

Side Hustle: I have fallen off the eBay listing wagon hard. I have been making drafts here and there and doing store maintenance every day, but need to get back on the 10 per day (or even 5 per day) listing habit.

Health/Fitness: Ran a quite terrible 10k on Sunday. Terrible for many reasons (wind, tired, etc.) so it was very slow going. I had planned on 7 miles and early on I planned to quit at 5, so eventually I compromised with myself and did 6.2. I’m glad I did it, but man it was hard! I also did a quick upper body weight workout on Saturday and worked on my pushups and cartwheels.

Thoughts: I wish we had summers off from work!

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