January 16, 2021

Money I Spent: For January 16-17, $0 spent. Out of 17 days so far, 13 of them are $0 days!

Money I Avoided Spending: Was going to order kiddo a couch for her bedroom for her birthday present, but she says she’d rather just have cash. We recently opened a checking account for her, but she has no source of income other than just birthdays and other holidays. So this birthday “present” of cash will become a February expense!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: No new sales on ebay 😦 and I took a day off from listing, but so far this month I have listed 45 items! Not bad.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Just ate out of the freezer for the last couple of days, even though what I really want is a date night in town with a sit-down restaurant with martinis and appetizers! Ugh! But we did make some “deconstructed chicken enchiladas” with stuff from the fridge and freezer and they turned out great!

Thoughts: Totally forgot to do my report for Jan 16, oops! So this applies to both days. I just sat around like a lump for 2 whole days. Watched Grace & Frankie on Netflix again. It soothes me. We have also been watching Queer Eye, also on Netflix, also soothing. I don’t mind watching dark or scary shows during the daytime (most of the time), but starting around dinner time, all shows have to be light and soothing and fun, with bright colors and silliness.

Also this week, we have dentist appointments! Kind of a scary prospect during covid times, but it’s been a Looooong time since we had our teeth cleaned and checked. I don’t know how they ensure safety, considering the whole point is for the dentist and patient to be basically breathing into each others’ mouths for an hour. Gross.

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