March 23, 2020

Money I Spent: I think around $140 at the local grocery store, preparing for our “stay at home” order. They had everything we needed except for actual eggs (but I got some Egg Beaters), though everything is a dollar or so more expensive that it would be at Smiths or Walmart and there are far fewer off-brand versions of things. (Kiddo was shocked when I came out with some REAL Coca-Cola — not generic!) I also spent $100 on eBay for a cool bouncy net for her to practice volleyball against. It’s called a Rebounder, and it’s a 6′ x 6′ net that we will set up in front of the garage door so she can hit volleyballs into it and they will bounce back at her. (I’ll surprise her with this when it comes in!) I also spent $7 on Minecraft for her phone, and told her she doesn’t have to pay me back for anything during social distancing time. Especially if it’s something she can do with a friend, and I think she can play Minecraft with her friends via phone.

Money I Avoided Spending: Nothing, really. I found that whatever I wanted, I just got it, in a “better to have it” mindset. I didn’t hoard anything or get more than my fair share, but I did get some a frozen pizza, some hot pockets, cake mix, and things like that to keep kiddo entertained and not feeling like she’s living off the land just yet. They didn’t have any yeast or flour, but they did have TONS of loaves of bread, which was interesting. I was hoping to find yeast so I could task kiddo with baking bread one day, but just settled for a loaf of Sara Lee instead.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay: $15 for some butter knives, $10 for a puzzle, $32 for a men’s shirt.

eBay Expenses: $0.

Use-it-Up Challenge: We are using up leftovers before we start breaking into pantry and freezer supplies. We had turkey for dinner again with salad greens and kiddo got a turkey quesadilla (bought a very large package of tortillas at the store, so she might be having a tortilla at every meal for a while!). Thinking about our ~ 24 rolls of toilet paper and assuming that will get us through to the other side of the shortage. If not, we also have a few boxes of Puffs facial tissue and a whole lot of unlisted eBay clothing! 🙂

Decluttering Challenge: I forgot to try to declutter anything today.

Don’t Go Into a Store Challenge: Failed today, but should be able to go another week after this trip to the grocery store. I was extremely careful (brought my own hand sanitizer in and used it to clean the cart and on my hands several times while shopping). There were not many people shopping when I was there, but I did have to get within 6′ of the cashier and bagger. I cleaned everything off when I got home and washed the grocery bags, then took a shower. Maybe overkill… but better too much than not enough, right?

Walk/Jog Every Day Challenge: Success, easy slow walk for 30 minutes up and down the street.

Thoughts: Day 13 of regular social distancing. The Governor announced a “stay at home” order for the state today (starting 3/24/2020), meaning all non-essential businesses will be closed and everyone is to stay at home (though the list of exceptions and essential businesses is long as hell). My work allows me to work from home, so at least I don’t have to worry about that for now.

We are going to plant some stuff in our little high tunnel this week. Not exactly sure what should go in there. I think I’ll transplant some lettuce seedlings in there and see how they do. This coming weekend I’ll transplant a few of my tomato and pepper seedlings, cover them with row covers, and see how they do. It’s our first year with this high tunnel and I’m not sure the best things to put in there or the best time to do it. So it will be some trial and error. I’ll also be pulling some weeds and getting our outside garden beds in order. I already planted some peas but I might put a few more in the ground just because fresh garden peas are so good!

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