January 9, 2021

Money I Spent: $39.63 at Smiths for groceries. Just got essentials, and it was a very fast trip in and out!

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t get anything that wasn’t on the list!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: N/A no sales on eBay but I did list 5 items and also 7 items yesterday!

Use-it-Up Challenge: I had some old kids’ leggings in my eBay “not listed yet” tubs, most in Christmas patterns. I have been avoiding listing them because they came from Walmart/Target to begin with, so resale value would be basically nothing. So I pulled them out and cut the legs off, then cut the legs into various size “tubes” which I will next sew shut along the bottom to make into reusable Christmas gift wrapping bags.

Thoughts: I’m not counting this toward Fiscal Fast month just because it’s coming out of my eBay savings account, it’s an investment specifically for my eBay business, and it has become a necessity, but I finally ordered myself a new laptop! I have been struggling with this one for over a year, and it was a cheapo version to begin with when I bought it like 3 years ago. But just for transparency, I used my eBay funds to spend about $2100 on a new Macbook Air 13″ laptop with an extra bluetooth trackpad and keyboard, plus an extra adapter that will let me use my current monitor with it. I got the laptop with the new Apple M1 technology, so it will take about a month to get here. Hopefully this current laptop will make it that long without driving me nuts!

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