June 1, 2020

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: No stores or online shopping today!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay: US Navy old mess hall spoons $25, dress $15, pants $18, Girls Scout badges $11.

Use-it-Up Challenge: I am working my way through some conditioner that is at least 4 years old. It is a bottle of Suave For Kids that smells like strawberries, and surely kiddo hasn’t allowed me to buy her that kind of thing since she was about 10. I have a bottle of good Aussie brand conditioner, too, so I alternate. I would like to just mix all the almost-gone bottles together to minimize the mess of bottles in the shower as it currently looks like a little tiled hoarder’s nest.

Thoughts: Started off June by cleaning the whole house! Covid-19 Day 82 and I think this is the first time the whole house has been clean at one time. 😀 This took several hours all told, and afterward I still managed to get a 30-minute walk and 15-minute weightlifting session in afterward. It is that time of year that the “earbugs” as I call them are out in force, which makes doing anything outside kind of difficult. Even with my headphones on, I can hear them buzzing, and when they can’t get into your ears, they start going for your eyes, nose, mouth. UGH.

I am starting to reserve court time for kiddo’s private volleyball lessons this summer. Normally she would be attending camps and clinics and special training sessions, but none of that is really happening. There are some sand clinics, but she didn’t want to do sand. So we are going to do two 1-hour private lessons each week for the rest of the summer, working under the assumption that school and volleyball will actually start on time in the fall (which… who knows?). But we should try to be prepared. All-in cost per hour is $65, which is a lot. Say we do 12 lessons total, that’s $780. We have $300 credit at the gym, so that leaves $470 out of pocket for the summer. This is about the cost of 1.5 camps. I was planning to go all-in on her camps this summer and add private lessons, so I’m coming out way ahead financially over what I had planned. Maybe next year will be the all-in camps and lessons summer!

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