April 24, 2020

Money I Spent: About $190 on Amazon, for a new Kindle Fire for my dad, a cool case for it, and some new running socks for me. I need to clean out my sock drawer and relegate old crusty socks to the “work outside” category, and use the new socks only for running/walking. Also about $8 at Sonic for snacks.

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a, though I did decline the Amazon-suggested case ($49) and go with a $25 case for the Kindle. I have the same type of case and it’s great.

Extra Money I Found or Made: eBay sales = vintage Windows ME promotional watch for $40, set of old Texas postcards for $30.

Use-it-Up: I finally FINALLY finished up the Easter ham… 2 weeks later! I had the last bits with my breakfast, and attempted to make red-eye gravy with the gelatinous goo at the bottom of the container. It was very thin, but very very good. I put it on my eggs, too. So I saved the remaining ~ 1/2 cup gelatinous goo just in case we can use it. Also we learned from this that ham in its own goo stays good a LONG time.

Don’t Go Into a Store: Success, mostly. We did go drive through at Sonic to get a snack and a drink while we were in town yesterday. But didn’t go into a store.

Exercise Every Day: Fail. Never quite got around to it, which makes a full week that I haven’t exercised. Boo! Must get back to it this weekend. Maybe I can go a full week now with exercise every day!

Work Outside Every Day: Success! Chopped a crapload of tree branches and piled them up. Chopping trees soothes me.

Thoughts: No thoughts today. Ready for the weekend to begin!

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