September 7, 2018

Money I Spent:  $7 at Sprouts for some dinner items; $6 for gas. I forgot my wallet & credit cards at home so had to use my yard sale cash to pay for groceries and gas. It was kind of nice.

Money I Avoided Spending: Not having a credit card and only having $19 in hand makes it easy to not spend money.

Extra Money I Found or Made:  Sold  a shirt for $13 and a hat for $13. The  shirt was one of mine, and the hat was from the $1 bin at the flea market.

30-Day Challenge Wildcard: Didn’t do my challenge stuff, just forgot and ran out of time.


Money I Spent: 

Money I Avoided Spending: 

Extra Money I Found or Made:

30-Day Challenge Wildcard:


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