May 19-20, 2023 Check-in

What I spent:

May 20 – Kind of a spendy day but I don’t feel bad about any of it. About $100 on groceries at Smiths and Target. Still under our $150/week budget with $50 leftover and we get our new cash budget in 2 days! Nice. I had a $12.70 reward at Target so ended up getting my coffee and dishwasher pods for only $12 instead of $24! Grabbed some good clearance deals at Smiths – $1 organic romaine hearts x2, $1 bags of bell peppers x2, dented Cheese-its $1.30, plus all our grocery needs for the week. I downloaded a coupon from Kroger for $10 off when you spend $75 so that was a nice little bonus. I also spent on myself about $11 on vitamins at Target and another $20 on Amazon for vitamins/supplements. Then I spent $100 on Amazon for 3 swimsuits. I’m going to try them all on and return the ones I don’t like, but with our vacation coming up I couldn’t hold off on this any longer. These were quite a bit cheaper than buying at a department store where women’s swimsuits can easily be over $100 each.

May 19 – I think all I bought this day was gas for my car. Used a 30¢/gal discount through my Smiths rewards app.


Sold an Ethan Allen wingback chair for $380 and the woman is going to drive in from Kansas to pick it up! I wish I had the storage available to do Ethan Allen flips as part of my ebay business because people LOVE it. But I just have nowhere to put the items until they sell.


I need to be better about posting each morning, otherwise I forget so easily.

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