May 16, 2023

Spent: About $70 at Target for some household items (outdoor broom, cleaning supplies) which included a new face cream for me, which was a little splurge I probably should have saved until next month. It also included a bag of dog food, which has gotten so expensive. $17 for a fairly small bag and it’s not even special or fancy.

Avoided spending: Target for some reason was not crawling with the normal security company that is usually parked on the sidewalks outside and glaring at everyone to make them feel like criminals, so I could have spent longer in Target and wound up buying more. Starbucks was also back open and I really wanted a cold brew, but managed to stay away.

Use-it-Up: I grabbed a bag of artichokes on clearance the other day (2/$1) and another 2 at regular price this weekend (2/$5) so we cooked them all up along with two steaks for dinner. Also had the $1 of prepared butternut squash still left from 2 weeks ago, so I added some chopped celery to it and roasted it in the oven until roasty-toasty and it was delicious! We have enough steak and artichokes for another full meal, so dinner on 5/17 is taken care of.

Thoughts: I haven’t had a zero dollar day in a while so I’m hoping 5/17 will be one. I have to go into work so the trick will be just not stopping anywhere or running any errands. There’s nothing we need and my car has a little gas in it, so I should be able to pull it off!

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