May 14-15, 2023

Money I spent:

– 5/14 about $5 at Dollar Tree for some supplies for kiddo’s class project. This DT is about a 1-minute drive from home and so convenient for so many little things!

– 5/15 $56 at Smiths for groceries. I went in hoping for at least one fancy cheese on clearance, and it turned out they had a TON of cheeses on sale so I grabbed about 6-7 of them. We love a good fancy cheese around here and we all like a good cheese plate for lunch, but the usual $7 for a little wedge is too much. Most of the ones I grabbed were marked down to about $2 ea. I also found some clearance sodas (grape Zevia 6-packs for $1.86/ea) and some vegetables for the week.

Money I avoided spending:

We stayed in and had Mother’s Day brunch at home (waffle bar + toppings, bacon, and mimosas made with prosecco I got on clearance), so probably ended up saving $100+ over going out to a fancy brunch. Just as good and we didn’t have to dress up to go out!


Just trying to get caught up quickly so I’m skipping the other sections. We are doing really well on our fiscal fast here at the halfway point, especially on groceries and dining out. We haven’t spent our whole budget for dining out yet this month, so it just carries over to the next week. We have stayed within our weekly budget for groceries easily every week, with enough to grab a bunch of clearance meats to stock up the freezer pretty nicely. And what this tells me is that when we THINK and PLAN AHEAD we spend less than half of what we do on these 2 categories as when we just wing it. That’s a pretty easy step to save easily $600-800/month on these 2 categories combined.

One comment

  1. Tuesday May 16. We have been doing pretty good, but don’t have many needs. We got Freddy’s burgers for like 21.00. With $8 at Albertsons on Sunday, that is about all we have spent in the last few days. I did get my hair done, but that is a necessity every 3 or 4 months. And it was a little over 4 months so time. Oh, I forgot while I was having my hair done, Dad went to Walmart and the bill was about 91.00. So that is not so good. But could have been worse. Today I am going to try for a $0 day. So I need to see what we have to cook. Good luck and love to all!!


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