May 7, 2023 Fiscal Fast Check-in

Money I spent: $45 at Smiths. This put me $10 over my weekly budget of $150, but kiddo asked for some specific things like sodas and gatorade which are mega expensive right now! But our shopping for the week is done and just $10 over budget is not bad at all.

Money I avoided spending: We went to Plant World to check out their plants and trees. They have a ton of options but the prices are higher than other places. So we decided to just buy the standard stuff we want (lavender, sage, roses) at Lowe’s or Walmart then go to Plant World for anything we can’t find at the cheaper stores. Plant World had about 500 lilac plants in all sizes and varieties and Lowe’s had zero! We want to add some color to the front yard xeriscaping so will probably begin phase 1 with just a few plants in the next week or so. But we didn’t buy any plants yet.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Had some clearance cheese for lunch and then leftover pasta for dinner. I had bought a tub of clearance organic salad greens last weekend so I sautéed all of that up with lemon and olive oil. And we had some of Ed’s homemade sourdough bread to go along with it.

Ebay: Sold a pair of Dansko clogs for $20 + shipping. Got a few things listed but didn’t get the car parts all up as I had hoped so I’ll do that Monday/Tuesday this week.

Books: Back to writing this week. I need to get on a good daily schedule to make sure my next book (number 11, or number 18 if you count the rom-com novellas too) goes out on time.

Health/Fitness: Had a pretty light day food-wise, though we did treat ourselves to a boba tea out of our dining out envelope after Plant World yesterday. We had a $5 reward to use there, so we got a nice discount. I did a 30-minute peloton ride yesterday and we walked around outside PW long enough for my feet to get a tan, so that counts as exercise too.

Thoughts: I’m ready for school to be over. I’m ready to go on vacation!

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