May 6, 2023 Check In!

Money I spent: $62 on groceries to round out the week’s shop. I went to three different Smiths just to compare their amount of products and amount of clearance items. The one by our house usually has a lot of good deals so that’s convenient. One of the other ones had a TON of marked-down meats, but it was mostly big stuff like roasts marked down from $25 to $10, and we already have a few roasts in the freezer so I skipped these. I did grab some clearance chicken halves for about $2.50 each, pre-seasoned, and some “smokey bourbon sirloin” (filet-sized) vacuum-sealed steaks for $3.90/2, so less than $2/steak, normally $10/2. I saw some packages of “chicken hearts and gizzards” for 80¢ each (probably a pound or so) and considered grabbing a few for Ed or dad, but when I went back by, they were gone. Guess someone else thought clearance gizzards sounded tasty? bleh

I also spent about $55 for my daughter and her BFF to spend about 45 minutes smashing old dishes and bottles in the local “Rage Room.” They got to pick out about 50 or so items then go into a room, put on a bunch of safety gear, and smash the stuff with a sledgehammer or by throwing it at the walls. At just a couple of weeks until finals, it was a fun way for them to blow off some steam.

Use-it-Up Challenge: I can’t really think of anything. We went out for burgers for dinner after the Rage Room experience. This was paid for out of our weekly “dining out” cash envelope budget. We saved a little by drinking just water, then splurged a little by sharing a root beer float. Use-it-up-wise, I’m working on our meal plan for the week and it starts with leftovers tonight and some clearance vegetables. I think all the main items this week (meat and veg) will be clearance stuff.

Ebay: Sold a pair of sandals for $25 + shipping. Got these at the bins for $1. Nice sale! Sold an old camera user manual for $13.99 + shipping. I’ve had this forever in my inventory and would guess it came in a box lot with some other things for a few pennies. Nice sale! I also am listing some car parts from the old Focus that got ran into and totaled, with proceeds from those going to help spruce up the new car with some customizations. I think used car parts, even small things like the shift knob or blinker lights or user manual, could be a lucrative business!

Thoughts: No thoughts yet today! We’ll see if I get any later.

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