Cinco de Mayo Check-in

Money I Spent:

  • $55 at Smiths for our weekly grocery needs and a bunch of clearance items. I get a weird amount of joy and purpose from finding clearance groceries. I’ll do a whole separate post about it in the next week or so. This time I picked up clearance hamburger patties (80¢ for 4 patties, and I got 4 packages), ground turkey (99¢/pound, I found 2), granola ($1.26/bag, I grabbed 2), Cascadian Farms granola bars ($1/box, I took 2), and some more Starbucks coffee now at $2.75/bag, so I grabbed 2 more. I also picked up a few “kroger red bags” of vegetables, including russet potatoes, turnips, zucchini and squash, and artichokes, for $1/bag. So we have veggies for the week.
  • I also spent about $20 out of our “household misc” budget at Walmart to get a base for our new patio umbrella ($12) and a small circular sprinkler for the back yard ($6).

Money I Avoided Spending: We got our umbrella at Costco and there was a base/stand there next to it for $70, just for the base! But we are using the umbrella in a heavy table, so I knew we didn’t need the big cast iron base. So we popped by Walmart to grab the cheaper option. I call it a win.

Use-it-Up Challenge: For dinner we had pasta with red sauce and used up one of the clearance ground turkey packages I bought last week along with the last of the clearance bell peppers from last week. We need to do a fridge clear-out and work through a bunch of odds and ends leftovers and start fresh.

Side Hustle:

  • Ebay: Listed another several sets of old magazines.
  • Books: Set up one of my series starters to be free for 5 days at the end of may. I need to now set up some promos to drive traffic to it, and I’ll get a little boost in reads and sales through the rest of the series.
  • I signed up on a few sites to be a Mystery Shopper. I’m going to test this out and see if it’s worth the time. You just go to a store or restaurant then fill out a questionnaire about it later online. If it’s worthwhile I’ll report back later!

Health & Fitness: Did a 30-minute outdoor walk, also moved some gravel in the backyard so I’m counting that. Added to the walking around at Smiths, Costco, and Walmart today and I had about 8,000 steps, which after my knee surgery is a pretty high step count day!

Thoughts: Ed paid at Costco so he’ll do the write up on that expense. We got a patio umbrella which is not typically a fiscal fast month purchase, but we’re down to the last few things we need to get our patio in order and felt it was worth it to just get it done.

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