Fiscal Fast Check-in May 3, 2023

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere or do anything that would require money! I thought for a half-second about proposing a sandwich while we were out moving shed stuff but then remembered fiscal fast and that our trips out for “just a sandwich” usually end up costing at least $30 for two people. So kept my trap shut.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: We cleaned out most of our smaller storage unit and moved that stuff into our bigger storage unit (which is where all the ebay stuff lives) so that we can shut down our smaller unit and save $150/month. But to do that we had to bring home some furniture from the ebay unit that I’m trying to sell, so now we have a bunch of furniture gunking up our entryway. I’ve listed those furniture items on ebay, so hopefully I can get them sold.

Use-it-Up Challenge: We finally used up a bag of frozen cod that I got on clearance for $1 over a year ago. It was vacuum sealed and double-bagged so it was still perfectly fresh. We used coconut oil and coconut flour to cook it because we have an overabundance of those 2 ingredients. The coconut flour fell right off, but at least we know that now. We also cooked up a bag of vegetables labeled “Pad Thai Kit” which I got on clearance last weekend for $1.50, but instead of stir-frying it with the pad thai sauce we roasted it in the over with EVOO and balsamic and it came out WAY better! We also cooked up a 2-lb bag of shrimp from the freezer, which I believe I paid $6.47/lb for a few weeks ago, and will be eating that for the next day or two.

Side Hustle:

  • Ebay: Didn’t sell anything but did list about 40-50 old magazines. I’m at 1142 active listings and my goal is to hit 1500 again.
  • Books: Didn’t do anything book-related today other than write a couple of paragraphs on my current cozy mystery in progress.

Health/Fitness: Did a 30-minute Peloton ride and mixed in some light weights during the slow moments to get a full body workout in. I was NOT in the mood to work out but I powered through.

Thoughts: The days are short even when they feel long. I can never get everything done that I have planned to do. What I really need is to vacuum the house but can never seem to quite get to it. At least that’s a free activity!

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