May 2, 2023

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere or do anything!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: N/A

Use-it-Up Challenge: Used up some clearance items from this weekend’s shopping and some pantry staples to make “unstuffed bell peppers.” Used a $1.50 pack of chorizo, some clearance bell peppers at about 25¢ each, and some cherry tomatoes we’ve had for a while that were getting soft. Used some rice from the pantry and some shredded cheddar cheese that I got through a store special about a month ago. We had this with a slice of the whole wheat bread Ed made yesterday, too! And the recipe easily made enough for us to have it again tonight!

Side Hustles:

  • Ebay: Sold a shirt for $19+shipping that I picked up at the bins, new with tag, for around 50¢. A few weeks ago, I grabbed about 30 of these NWT shirts for about 50¢ ea and they’ve been selling steadily! I worked on listing a stack of magazines I got at an estate auction last year. They’ve just been sitting in my storage so it’s time to get old stuff listed and organized so that it can sell and get out of my inventory!
  • Books: Didn’t do anything book-related today. I need to come up with an entire social media & marketing plan for the next month and get it started.

Health/Fitness: Did a 20-minute walk, and 20 minutes of barre workouts through the Peloton.

Thoughts: I’m using fiscal fast to determine which days I need to go to work onsite right now. There’s no reason for me to be onsite at the moment, I’ve had this gross cold for 2 weeks so don’t want to go infect everyone, and now I don’t want to waste gas or go out into the world where I will definitely be tempted to stop & shop somewhere on the way there or back!

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