May 1, 2023 Daily Wrap-up

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere other than physical therapy and the ebay shed.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: I’m back to work full time after my surgery and FMLA leave so my paychecks will go back up to 100% soon! Also I moved a chunk of my retirement savings into a High Yield Savings Account to get a little extra 3.75% of return on that.

Use-it-Up Challenge: For dinner we had leftovers from our dinner on April 30 along with a bagged salad I picked up on clearance for $1.30. Lunch consisted of cheese (also a clearance item from a couple of weeks ago, less than $2 each for wedges of Beehive’s Barely Buzzed and Big John Cajun, typically they are about $7-8/wedge. Also we had cucumber salad which I made from my clearance cucumbers which I got 8/$1 at Smiths on Saturday in one of their little red produce bags. A few days ago I also made banana bread with some clearance bananas (also 8/$1).

Side Hustle:
Ebay: Sold and shipped a few bags of candy ($24.99 + shipping) and a Talbots blazer that’s been in my inventory for like 5 years ($15.00 + shipping).
Books: I have put out a few books recently but not had the energy to do any marketing. I need to get back on the marketing side of things whenever I can make time for it.

I’m going a 31-day challenge this month where I’ll do some form of weight lifting and some form of cardio every single day in May. Today I did a 20-minute Peloton ride and a 10-minute barre workout, then at Physical Therapy I did 8 minutes on the elliptical and 30 minutes of bodyweight strength exercises.

We’ve been needing this fiscal fast for a while and it feels good to start getting things dialed back to a normal place. Moving (again), getting our hot tub in place (expensive but we use it literally every day), and my kid’s car getting totaled and having to get her another car totally unplanned really put a dent in my retirement cash savings, so I need to build it back up as quickly as I can just for my own peace of mind.

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