Fiscal Fast Month Refresher

For anyone who hasn’t been here before or in a while, here’s a little refresher about what the Fiscal Fast month is and how it works.

Basically, during this month we spend as little as possible. For a list of allowable expenses, check this list. We cut out all unnecessary spending for the entire month! For a list of things we don’t spend money on during the month, check here.

It all boils down to paying your bills and cutting back mercilessly on everything else for one month with the goal of having as many “zero dollar days” as possible.

So YES: rent/mortgage, bills, gas, minimal groceries.

And NO: clothes, shoes, yankee candles, impulse drive-thru food for no reason,

We also always take this month to do a Use-it-Up Challenge. This is where we take stock of our freezer, pantry, and household stock of things like toiletries, in order to use up these things before buying new things. I did a toiletry round-up in the house and found we have enough body wash to last literally years! I’ll do a separate post about this a little later.

I like to report my spending every day, along with ways I avoided spending money or got a better deal on something, ways I brought in extra money through side hustles, anything we used up for the use-it-up challenge, and any financial problems or difficulties I faced that day.

A Fiscal Fast month (or no-spend month) is a great way to challenge yourself to get ahold of your finances completely for one month. If you can’t start out with a month, try a week or even a three-day stretch at a time. Not all days this month will be zero-dollar days, but you’ll definitely have more of those than you normally would!

Upcoming topics this month — stay tuned!

  • Toiletry Round-up Results
  • Side Hustles
  • Clearance Grocery Shopping (my favorite thing!)
  • Use-It-Up Challenge: Recipes

What else shall we talk about? Leave any ideas in the comments and I’ll try to address them!

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