May 20-21, 2021

Money I spent: May 20 = about $38 to fill up my car with gas. $24 for dinner at ChinShan. I also started my “new wardrobe” shopping at Dillards and spent quite a lot, but I am rethinking a lot of the clothes and will return some of them. Maybe I’ll return all of them. So I’ll figure out that total later. May 20 was definitely not a fiscally fasty day, but I’ll do better. May 21 = $0

Money I avoided spending: Nothing, really, on May 20. May 21, I only went to the post office, and no shopping online.

Extra money I found or earned: eBay – sold old Edgar Allen Poe book for $25, a pair of Talbots pants for $11, a pair of Lucchese cowboy boots sold on auction for $60 (paid $3 at thrift), vintage keychains from the 90’s for $5, and some old Balloon Fiesta trading cards for $11.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Needed some vegetables to go with my Chinese leftovers from ChinShan (warning, lemon chicken is JUST chicken with lemon sauce, no veggies), so found some celery and cabbage in the fridge and added those. Those veggies had been in there several weeks already, but were still fine.

Side Hustle: Have created about 20 drafts of items, mostly shoes. I want to get those all photographed and listed this weekend to get my total listing count back over 1500!

Health/Fitness: Did a 3.1 mile run on 5/21 and tried to push myself a little bit. It actually wasn’t horrible and I shaved 2 minutes off my typical 3.1-mile pace! Planning to do weights on 5/22 and a 7-mile run on 5/23. Also have been looking into spin classes, as I remember really enjoying spin classes when I did them consistently about 12 years ago! That will not be a fiscally fast thing, but it will be a good health thing, so I think that’s a good tradeoff. I’m going to see if I can get a free trial class before I commit to anything though.

Thoughts: I have been missing about $100-150 worth of packages for the past 2 weeks. Most of this was 4 sets of printed polymailers for my eBay business (printed with lemons and palm trees!), but also a pair of used Eileen Fisher pants I ordered for myself on eBay, and 2 things for kiddo that were ordered a long time ago (one was ordered in February). The tracking shows they were delivered to my mailbox, but they never came to the house and never were waiting at the post office. Finally, yesterday, I hit my patience limit and I asked about them at the post office twice. People in front of me in line at the post office were also asking about their missing packages, so this is not just a me problem. Anyway, after asking them to go check (twice — two different people), and just getting kind of a shrug as a response, I left — mad. I guess my frustration helped spur them into action, because we got a call a few minutes later saying they found all our packages. So apparently they were put into the “hold” area because we didn’t get them out of the mailbox fast enough, so the mail guy took them back. Weird. We don’t go more than 2 days at a time not checking the mail, but whatever. I’m just glad that I got over my feeling of not wanting to go bother them and demand they find my stuff! Otherwise it might have sat there for who knows how long.

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