May 19, 2021

Money I spent: $29 at Target for some heavy duty face moisturizer and a couple of other things. $85 for my TSA Pre-Check, which is good for 5 years! Great deal if you ask me.

Money I avoided spending: I love browsing at Target and just picking up stuff. I kind of wanted to grab some things to decorate my office at work, but decided I’ll check thrift stores first.

Extra money I found or earned: eBay: sold 2 Christmas ceramics for $35 each, 2 magazines for $6 each, a dress for $16, and a pair of running shoes for $40.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Added water to the last of my face wash and used the last bit. Moving on to the second half of a face wash that kiddo didn’t like. I’ll use that up, then I have at least 4 more partial containers of older face wash to use up. I did use up the absolute ends of all my other little face moisturizers before splurging at Target for a new one. Then… I forgot to put it on before bed. Figures!

Side Hustle: Made drafts of about 10 items, did some sourcing at Goodwill, picked up some tissue paper for shipping and hangers for storage. I am amassing quite a collection of clothes to list! Will probably start making drafts for those in the next week or two.

Health/Fitness: Diet has been A+ the last few days — baked chicken, wild rice, Brussels sprouts, yogurt, granola, whole grain bread, that kind of thing. Thursday I’ll get back to working out with a 30-minute run and some stretching. I’m working on a month-long intensive workout plan for now through the end of June, just to get really invested. I also want to go do some spin classes. I wonder if they are requiring masks…. I’ll be looking into it! And I want to go back to Bikram Yoga soon.

Thoughts: This weekend, I am going to go shopping for some new work clothes, maybe some non-crappy date night clothes, and new shoes. It is not fiscal fasty, but I am ok with that. I have been wearing the same pair of work shoes for 7 years and they are full of holes and it’s time to retire them. I have been wearing the same 2 pairs of pants to work for about 3 years, and I need a change. All of my favorite shirts have been washed so many times, and were super cheap to begin with, so they have turned into formless circus tents. I may even go somewhere as nice as Macy’s, Dillards, and/or Ann Taylor. It’s going to be a planned spend, not just willy-nilly mindlessly buying stuff on Amazon. And with my promotion coming through at work, not only do I deserve some new threads, I should probably stop looking like such a hobo when I go to the office!

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