May 17-18, 2021

Money I spent: Maybe $20 on a few groceries at Smiths, things we had run out of but need for the week.

Money I avoided spending: Have been wanting to do some shopping for some new work clothes, and especially some plain black work shoes without holes in them, but put it off another day or two.

Extra money I found or earned: Well the big one is the promotion at work, which will give me an extra gross $1000/month. !! yay! eBay – sold a men’s aloha/Hawaiian shirt for $16, three Noritake berry bowls for $14, and some old grocery stamp books for $14.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Nothing really lately.

Side Hustle: It’s been a few days since I got anything listed on eBay, but I have been creating drafts of listings. So I just need a day where I can take a bunch of photos, and I’ll be ready to get the listing ball rolling again!

Health/Fitness: I lifted weights for 30 minutes a couple of days ago. My diet has been excellent, so no problems there right now. I am working up a strength training + running + mobility program for myself, just to give me a little more structure to planning my weeks.

Thoughts: I will see my new salary on my June 10 paycheck. Excited to see how much is left after taxes etc.

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