May 15-16, 2021

Money I Spent: About $103 for groceries at Walmart. It was higher than my $75 goal, but much lower than our usual $200+ sprees when we aren’t even trying. $15 for Starbucks drinks and food for me and kiddo, which was not fiscal fasty, but kept her mind off her impending vaccine for a few minutes.

Money I Avoided Spending: We had talked about getting lunch on the way home from Walmart, but decided to grab some “grab n go” chicken nuggets from the WM heated rotisserie chicken kiosk instead. That saved probably $20.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – sold a motorcycle helmet sticker for $15, a Karl Lagerfeld blouse for $15, a pair of shoes for $21, and a dress for $9.

Use-it-Up Challenge: We have been having a ton of leftovers lately. I think those are about gone, so will have to figure out some kind of meal plan for the week.

Side Hustle: The only thing I accomplished for eBay the last 2 days was cleaning out my eBay storage room and closet, and getting all the unlisted clothes organized. I like to let my unlisted clothes pile up until I have about 20 of a certain type of thing before I list them (like 20 dressed, 20 jackets, 20 sweaters). It’s easier to get into a flow and be more efficient that way. I do need to get back on the daily listing habit though, starting now.

Health/Fitness: Due to some stomach problems, I haven’t done any big exercise in almost a week. I tried to go for a run, thinking if my stomach felt great I would go 7 miles. Unfortunately, it did not feel great and I ended up just walking rather slowly for 30 minutes instead. But at least I was outside moving around and getting some sun.

Thoughts: I have a few very non-fiscal fasty purchases coming up over the next 6 months (vacation and car related). It’s nice to know that I am at a place in my life where I can make those purchases and it doesn’t destroy me financially or emotionally! It’s also nice to be getting a decent tax return back soon… that will help!

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