May 12-13, 2021

Money I Spent: May 12: $0 didn’t leave the house. May 13: $15 at grocery store for a few things, and $12 at Sonic for lunch for me and kiddo.

Money I Avoided Spending: N/A

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay: $9 for an old Boy Scout badge, $12 for a very crusty old pair of boots, and $24 for 2 short sleeve shirts.

Use-it-Up Challenge: N/A

Side Hustle: May 12, listed 11 items on eBay; May 13: listed 6 items on eBay. I am now up over 1500 listings, which is a first for me! On May 13, kiddo had an “asynchronous” school day (basically a day off), so we went thrifting for eBay inventory and clothes for her to try out.

Health/Fitness: Have continued my healthy diet easily this week, and added a 30-minute session of weightlifting. I guess it’s just a function of getting older and/or being sick this week, but I am feeling very weak. So need to up my weightlifting frequency and intensity.

Thoughts: Been doing pretty good on fiscal fast this month. Actually, very good. I see our grocery list is growing, but hopefully we can keep it from becoming a total blowout on grocery day.

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