May 8, 2021

Money I Spent: $83 for groceries at Smiths.

Money I Avoided Spending: Had a few thoughts regarding going to some yard sales or thrift stores while I was out, but decided to push that all back to later this week. Also I worked really hard on my grocery list to get it all as low as possible, took some coupons, downloaded some digital coupons, etc. What pushed the total a little higher than planned was a pack of steaks ($10) and a deodorant ($4). But $84 is a lot better than $200!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: N/A

Use-it-Up Challenge: Cut open my toothpaste so will have a couple of extra days out of it.

Side Hustle: I listed 9 items on eBay yesterday. It would have been more, but some glitch caused errors with 5 of my listings and I had to redo them, which wasted a bunch of time.

Health/Fitness: I ran 10k (6.2 miles) this morning, and found 4-5 geocaches while I was out doing that. Run felt ok and not too sore after, so next attempt will be 7 miles, maybe next weekend. My food choices were ok today, aside from 2 chocolates I didn’t need. I did once go to the freezer to grab ice cream, but convinced myself to get a 30 calorie popsicle instead. Overall, pretty good!

Thoughts: Happy Mothers Day!

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