May 7, 2021

Money I Spent: $0

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere or do anything! That makes it easy.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay: Sold a few old Boy Scout badges for $20.

Use-it-Up Challenge: N/A

Side Hustle: Listed 10 items on eBay, and also did a lot of organizing and storing things today. I have a ton of unlisted inventory, so I should be able to keep rolling for a while. I might try to make another trip to the “bins” this week sometime, if the timing is right. I haven’t seen an immediate increase in sales due to my listing challenge, but I assume that increase is coming, and I also know that I am bulking up my store for Q4, which is only a few months away!

Health/Fitness: Another day where I kind of forgot to do a workout. I just get wrapped up with other things then the day is gone! I did have a healthy eating day for the most part, and I stayed under my calorie goal. Saturday will have a long run, and maybe weights and mobility too, if I can get them all in.

Thoughts: One week of fiscal fast down! It feels good to be in control. Grocery shopping tomorrow, which is always a challenge. We have basically zero meat in the freezer, so I might need to get a meat to last the week. When we go shopping without any forethought, just buying what we want, we spend $200/week on groceries. When I put a ton of thought into it, and plan as much as I can, I can spend $50/week. This month I am aiming for $75/week, since I know our freezer is about bare.

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