May 6, 2021

Money I Spent: About $50-60 for date night (cocktails and appetizer). Not fiscally fasty, but important so I’ll let it slide.

Money I Avoided Spending: Went to eat at a restaurant near a bunch of shops, and could easily have slide into Lush for some bath products or Williams Sonoma for some kitchenware. But didn’t!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – Sold a pair of Nike shoes for $40.

Use-it-Up Challenge: N/A today.

Side Hustle: Didn’t get anything listed today, but I spent at least 3 hours on organizing my eBay inventory, sorting, washing clothes, etc. So that’s ok for today. I’ll really push through some listings this Friday-Sunday. I found some great boots and shoes at a cheap thrift store (maybe 15 pairs) that I need to clean up and list. I also have a huge amount of flatware to sort through and list, so that will be fun. I may spend some time cleaning up my eBay room and eBay closet this weekend, too.

Health/Fitness: For fitness today I did a run/walk for 3.1 miles. It was difficult, only because I ate a bowl of cereal right before I went, so that felt really gross. My food choices were fair today, as in very healthy until about 2:00 which is when I had a little ice cream. Then at dinner had some unhealthy fried coconut shrimp (but only 3) and some unhealthy potato skins (but only 2). Eh, win some lose some!

Thoughts: I think if we switch to our summer bedding we can avoid setting up the A/C for another several weeks, which will save some $ on the power bill! The only time I’ve been getting hot is overnight and it’s just due to the heavy bedding. So this weekend we can make the switch and see how that feels. I’m looking forward to Mother’s Day brunch! Which will not be fiscally fasty, but I do not care! Worth it.

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