May 2, 2021

Money I Spent: $37.02 for gas, $7 for kiddo’s lunch at McDonald’s after her driving class.

Money I Avoided Spending: Brought a protein bar and a drink from home to avoid having to buy myself lunch in town. Thought about dropping her at driving class then going to Lowe’s to look for a) some plants, and b) a clothing hanger system for my eBay not-yet-listed clothes. But first I looked around the house, and found some kind of long handle (like for a broom) and decided I could use that somehow to hang my clothes (free!). I do still want to look for some plants for the front yard area. I really want a few more lilac bushes and maybe some rose bushes, but I’ll do that another day.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay: Sold a pair of Lane Bryant jeans for $15 and a Cole Hahn purse for $30, not including shipping.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Used up some leftovers in the fridge, can’t think of anything else today.

Side Hustle: Listed 10 items yesterday! And got my inventory pile a little more organized. I think The only day I’ll have trouble listing 10 items is Mondays, because I have to be at work most all day. But I’ll try.

Health/Fitness: Didn’t do anything specific today, other than work in the yard and have 3 healthy meals! Also when I wanted a bowl of ice cream, I decided to have an Outshine popsicle instead. Good enough for today, but need to step it up.

Thoughts: Glad to be in control of spending and food at the moment! Usually when one gets out of control, the other gets out of control, then I have to deal with them together like this.

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