May 1, 2021

Money I Spent: $0!

Money I Avoided Spending: Didn’t go anywhere and didn’t shop online. I also canceled a domain name renewal which will save me $17/year.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: N/A

Use-it-Up Challenge: Our pump lotion ran out, so we cut the container in half to get at the last remaining lotion in the bottom. There was at least an inch of lotion left. So I scraped it out and put it in a little moisturizer tub to make it easier to get to.

Side Hustle: On April 30, I picked up a ton of inventory for my eBay store at the local “bins” (a Goodwill that charges by the pound, but you have to sort through giant bins full of junk to find stuff you want). So I spent about an hour sorting through that stuff (including about 80-90 pounds of kitchen knives and other flatware) and washing all the clothes I picked up. I should be well positioned to do a ton of eBay listing this month! My goal every day will be to list 10 items. I listed zero on May 1, but every other day this month I should be able to meet that goal.

Inventory mess

Health/Fitness: I had a goal for the month of doing a workout every day and eating healthy lean/green types meals all month. Unfortunately, due to being super tired and achey due to my second covid vaccine, I wasn’t able to move around much at all, so no workout today. And my food choices were not ideal (ramen, grilled cheese, etc.) but I think tomorrow will be better.

Thoughts: I’m tracking Side Hustle and Health/Fitness just to keep them at the forefront all month. So my goals for May are: 1) Fiscal Fast, 2) grow my eBay store, and 3) work out and eat healthy. Your goals will be different, and that’s fine. Just track whatever you want to track this month!

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