January 29-30, 2021

Money I Spent: On January 29, I spent about $180 for birthday presents for kiddo! Usually I wait until Feb 1 to order her bday presents, but I wanted these to get here sooner. On January 30, spent $12 for some soil-less seed starting mix at the hardware store. Also spent some $ at the thrift store for some eBay inventory, but I don’t count that toward fiscal fast since it’s a business expense.

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a really, oops!

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – sold a vintage Hawaiian muumuu for $70, a pair of jeans for $18, a tank top for $10, a golf skirt for $9, vintage/antique silver-plated ice tongs for $22, and another tank top for $10.

Use-it-Up Challenge: N/A really.

Thoughts: After using up the last of my Colgate toothpaste, I decided to try out my less-wasteful, zero-plastic toothpaste (which I ordered at the end of last year). The brand I tried is called Uncle Harry’s Natural Products Peppermint Toothpaste. It comes in a small glass jar (3 oz). You just dip your toothbrush right in the jar to get some. Review: The toothpaste seems to work just fine, as my mouth and teeth felt clean afterward. The texture is a little odd, just as it doesn’t foam like typical toothpaste. The only problems I had with it were a) the color is a bit off-putting, because it’s a brownish clay color (no big deal, quickly got over it), and b) the taste is not the usual sweet peppermint candy flavor of typical toothpastes. This one was slightly harder to get over. I thought it tasted a little “earthy” and a little salty, even. I thought I would just use a little listerine afterward to mintify my taste buds, but it turned out I didn’t have any. So I used a half-serving of regular Colgate toothpaste just to get that freshly-brushed taste. I think I’d rather just use some mouthwash afterward next time. The natural toothpaste might be an acquired taste, so I’ll keep using it and find out!

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