January 6, 2021

Money I Spent: Well… I spent about $70 on dinner for 5 from a local fancy taco shop. 😀 We all needed something new to eat after weeks of mostly leftovers, and it just happened. I had the fried avocado taco, fish taco, fried chicken taco, and a vegan sweet potato taco. I got 4 tacos with the intention to have 2 for one meal and 2 for another meal, but ended up eating half of each of them. Math still works though. Otherwise, didn’t buy anything else.

Money I Avoided Spending: n/a

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – sold an Anthropologie Nick & Mo blazer for $18. Have been going around turning off lights multiple times per day. We have also adjusted the thermostat to come on for a couple of hours in the morning to 65 degrees, then turn off for the whole day, come on for a couple of hours at night to 60 degrees, then be off all night.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Finished up the last of a steak from a week ago with my lunch. Heated it up in a skillet with some butter, then had a random side of some cheese. Use-it-up lunches are weird. Haven’t been out for groceries yet in 2021. Will need to go this weekend sometime.

Thoughts: With the kiddo deciding to put her volleyball playing on hold for a few months (until covid is gone), I will be saving about $2000-3000 on club fees, travel, hotels, etc. over the next 4 months. Club sports are stupid expensive. (Already my 2 canceled hotel reservations have saved about $800!) I am assuming they won’t require me to pay anything at this point… fingers crossed. These savings will make getting her a car a bit more affordable without crushing my bottom line!

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