January 5, 2021

Money I Spent: I did spend a little today but it’s complicated. I didn’t buy any “thing” in the spirit of fiscal fast month. However, I did spend about $20 at the local thrift store for some inventory for my ebay store! This included 2 Longaberger pie plates for $3 each, which I’ll hope to sell for $30-50 each. I also spent I think $30 on 3 online classes as Udemy.com. They are all personal finance, money, stock market related. So I think these expenditures are more “investment” category, rather than just “spending.” Regardless, I don’t feel bad about it and am calling today a WIN for FF purposes.

Money I Avoided Spending: N/A

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – sold a personalized California license plate (4HELMUT) for $35, 3 Atlantic Mold nativity pieces for $18, and a 1978 still sealed embroidery/weaving kit for $25.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Used up leftover brisket crumbs and rice, cabbage, mushrooms, and homemade turkey bone broth (which also used leftovers) for soup dinner. Used leftover rice, brisket crumbs, and crockpot “crack chicken” for lunch.

Thoughts: Udemy classes are pretty good. I have bought several when they are on “sale” for 9.99 each, for anywhere from 5 to 20 hours of instruction (videos + downloadable resources). Back during Cyber Monday I bought a few 9.99 classes for learning to use WordPress properly, so I’ll start those when I’m done with my personal finance and stock market classes. The classes on Udemy are “normally priced” at $150 or $400 etc… but go on sale frequently where you can get them for $10-15. So my advice would be NEVER pay full price for anything at Udemy!

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