January 3, 2021

Money I Spent: $0. Haven’t left the house since 12/31 and haven’t been on Amazon since before that!

Money I Avoided Spending: Nothing really. Didn’t even confront any spending possibilities today.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: eBay – sold LL Bean flannel shirt for $15.30, and a sugar spoon + butter knife set for $16. A few months ago, I bought a bag of flatware at a thrift store for $10. I have now sold everything from that bag for a total of $145.

Use-it-Up Challenge: Still eating a lot of leftovers at pretty much every meal. Would be nice to get back to an empty fridge and just start over with some new stuff! Am trying to remember to floss every day so as to get through the 3 little things of floss I have, so I can then start on my eco-friendly biodegradeable floss!

Thoughts: Old School dental floss is made of plastic/nylon and can be coated with a petroleum-based waxy substance for ease of use. It comes in a plastic dispenser which is typically sold inside even more plastic packaging. So that’s a lot of garbage that we are adding to the earth in the name of just interdental health. So eventually (once I use up what I already have) I’ll be switching to a silk-based dental floss that is coated with candelilla wax (a plant-derived wax). It’s completely biodegradable and comes in a reusable glass bottle, packaged in a recyclable paper box. Once I start using it, I’ll post a review and link!

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