June 26, 2020

Money I Spent: $146 at Smiths for groceries.

Money I Avoided Spending: Had a semi short list. Did make some impulse purchases but not too many.

Money I Made or Found or Saved: n/a

Use-it-Up Challenge: Cut up my tube of face wash and am getting about 4-5 extra washes out of the stuff stuck in the cap area. Leftover chili for dinner.

Thoughts: Covid19 Day ~107, I think. I guess everyone is just “over it.” States start opening things up for no real reason other than economical. Not science, not health, not medical… just money. So the dumb people of the world say, “Well, the state is opening up! The virus threat must be over! I can do what I want now!” When in reality, when our state locked down on approx March 23, when we had 83 cases total and zero deaths. As of today, we have 11,408 cases (active plus recovered) and 489 deaths. Seems to me like it’s not just getting better.

The trip to Smiths yesterday was pretty creepy. Most people shopping were not wearing masks. Some of the workers (including the guy gathering shopping carts and the guy putting butcher meat out) had their masks pulled down around their necks. And it seemed to me that all these people were really flaunting their “freedom” to do what they want and just really wanted you to say something to them. Now that more people are being even stupider out in the world, it just means we have to be even more vigilant at home and when we are out in the world alone. Wear your mask, wash your hands, use your hand sanitizer, clean your surfaces. Be part of the solution.

So, I’ll be going to the grocery store less often. I’ll keep scrubbing down groceries and mail that come in, even though it seems silly. I’ll be continuing to stock up on essentials, assuming there will be another big spike followed by a lockdown this fall sometime after school starts and temps drop. I’ll be postponing my return to (outdoor, 4-on-4) volleyball for a while longer. I wish I could keep kiddo home from her travels, but I know that would cause a war with that whole side of the family (including her) that we might never get past. As soon as she gets home, if she has even a smidge of a single symptom, I’ll try to get her tested. Maybe by then we can get tested without any symptoms? We’ll see how that progresses. I can only control what I can control, but at the very least, I won’t just give up.

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